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Tel. 02-579-1355, Fax. 02-533-6005

Tel. 02-533-0144, Carolyn cell 050-402-0061

Email: office@hyr.co.il

Mailing address: Tsur Hadassah, POB 72, DN Ha’elah 99875


The Harei Yehuda riding stable is located in Tsur Hadassah, about 15 minutes by car from Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and Gush Etzion.

The stable is situated at the edge of the Sansan nature reserve and is close to dozens of attractive hiking and riding trails in the Judean mountains, including the Begin park, Nahal Katlav, Ein Kobi, Ein Mata, Wadi Fukhin and the Soreq stalactite caves.

- From Jerusalem: Either via Ein Kerem or on the Tunnels Road
- From Tel Aviv: Right at Shaar Hagai towards Beit Shemesh. Into the Judean hills via Nahal Soreq.
- From the south: Via Emek H’aelah, past kibbutz Netiv Halamed Hey and moshav Matta
- From Gush Etzion: Past Efrat, left towards Beitar Illit and Tsur Hadassah.

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