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Our kennels were built according to international standards which provide your dog with the best possible 5-star conditions.

In 1991, Ohad and Carolyn Hadash began “babysitting“ for dogs at their home in Jerusalem. The professional and devoted care which they lavished on the dogs led to an increase in demand which inspired them to open a proper kennel.

When the Harei Yehuda stables moved to its present location, the new kennels were built according to the highest standards, to ensure the dogs’ comfort and enjoyment as well as uncompromising health and safety standards.

The kennel is managed by 33-year-old Ofer Biton, a qualified dog trainer and behaviorist who has significant experience in kennel management.

Our kennel offers a very high standard for your dog’s stay. At Harei Yehuda, dogs are accommodated in large, spacious rooms (not cages or cells) which open out onto a yard in which they may run freely, allowing them to relax and enjoy their stay. The kennels are cleaned and disinfected regularly, providing each dog with a sparkling clean room, and a pleasant and comfortable living environment.

We provide the highest quality of food (super premium), served in clean, stainless steel bowls. Before they arrive at the kennel, dogs must have received all necessary shots and must be treated against fleas and ticks. We recommend that dogs are vaccinated against “kennel cough”. The kennel offers dog grooming and training, either individually or in groups, as well as workshops and lectures on dog care.

Training and workshops are led by Ofer Biton, one of the top experts in Israel.

The kennel is fitted with close-circuit cameras and an alarm system, connected to a private security service, which ensure maximum security for your dog.

The kennel is under close veterinary supervision.

If your dog has special requirements, our staff will do their utmost to ensure that his or her stay is a pleasant one.

Boarding + training provided by professional dog trainer
Please contact us for details.

What happens to your dog when he or she is at our kennels?

Will he feel abandoned?
No. Every dog, after a short period getting used to the surroundings, enjoys the freedom to run around as well as the company of the other dogs

What’s the food like?
We give the dogs dry dog food -- definitely the healthiest option -- served with canned meat. This is a good opportunity to break bad habits such as eating sweet foods.

Will my dog be clean when he comes home?
When he arrives and before he leaves, your dog will be given a disinfecting bath and a good brush. We periodically treat the kennels to prevent fleas and ticks. The huts are cleaned every day.

And what if he misses us?
You are welcome to bring your dog’s personal items such as a blanket, feeding bowl or favorite toy. Relatives and friends may visit him (by arrangement) and take him out in the beautiful surroundings.

What if the dog doesn’t get on with his neighbors?
The kennels is comprised of lots of different huts in different areas. Each dog is assigned a hut according to type.

And what if my dog gets sick?
If necessary, we will contact your dog’s regular vet directly.

Conditions of Acceptance and Boarding

  1. I confirm that my dog is healthy and has received its shots (PHL + P), including against rabies, as required by law. The kennel will not be liable should the dog contract one of the illnesses against which it is supposedly vaccinated.
  2. I confirm that I am aware of the boarding conditions at the kennel and that I find them acceptable.
  3. Should the dog get sick/injured while boarding at the kennel, the kennel’s liability will be limited to treatment of the dog, until it recovers, by the kennel’s vet or by another vet as arranged with the kennel.
  4. The kennel will not be held responsible should the dog catch “kennel cough” – this illness breaks out sporadically in kennels and usually passes without the need for medical treatment.
  5. The kennel accepts no responsibility for illness, including death from illness, among senior dogs, dogs with chronic ailments, and puppies aged up to a year who have been exposed to puppy illnesses.
  6. In case of illness beyond the kennel’s responsibility, the owner will be liable for the costs of veterinary treatment.
  7. Owners of bitches: I confirm that it has been explained to me that the kennel recommends either spaying dogs or giving them heat prevention shots – the kennel cannot be held responsible if a dog becomes pregnant while boarding at the kennel.
  8. In case of death or theft of the dog, or if the dog escapes, in spite of the precautions that are taken to prevent such occurrences, the kennel’s liability for compensation is limited to the market value of a puppy of the same breed. The owner forgoes the right to any claim beyond the above-mentioned value (owners are advised to insure their dog).
  9. It is emphasized that the kennel takes regulars periodic preventative measures against fleas and ticks. However, the kennel will not be liable should a dog be returned to its owners with ticks and/or fleas.
  10. Likewise, the kennel will not be liable should a dog, following contact with ticks, contract ”tick fever”.
  11. In cases when a dog has not been collected ten days after the agreed date, the kennel shall have the right to sell the dog or give it away. This clause does not affect the rights of the kennel to recover payment for boarding, using any and all legal means.
  12. I accept this agreement in its entirety, both now and on future occasions when the dog boards at the kennel, on condition that no significant changes to the facilities have been made.
I hereby accept all the above conditions.

Owner’s signature: ________________________

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