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Riding Club for Adults

Want to breathe clean air? Want to clear your head? We invite you to fulfill your childhood dream -- join us now.

For members of the adults riding club, the stable is a place at which to escape from routine.
Activities are tailored to meet members’ needs and include treks in the nature reserve adjoining the stables and elsewhere in Israel.
The club has a special dynamic -- treks are often followed by group events in the restaurant, such as cowboy nights, assado nights, cheese and wine nights and moonlit picnics.

Ilan, riding club member:
“After a three-hour trek in the nature reserve, as I got off my horse, I was transported back to my childhood, when I rode the bumper cars for the first time. I relived the joy, the excitement, the adrenaline, the abandon, the intoxication of the moment which abruptly came to an end when the car stops. That’s how I feel after a long trek -- like a happy little boy who just doesn’t want it to end.”

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