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Riding Therapy

There is increasing awareness regarding the proven effectiveness of animal therapy in general -- and of riding therapy in particular. We have been offering riding therapy, taught by the very best instructors, for several years. In addition, we have recently added a therapeutic petting zoo, managed by a qualified therapist.

Animal therapy is effective in treating a wide range of disorders, including both physical disabilities and behavioral issues:

The goals of treatment:
  • To improve motor skills (fine and gross)
  • To improve attention and concentration
  • To strengthen the lumbar region and improve balance, posture and coordination
  • To increase self-confidence
  • To alleviate fears and phobias
  • To improve discipline
  • To learn how to respond to success and failure, and how to deal with tasks and challenges
  • To develop a sense of responsibility and encourage achievement.

Dozens of children and teens have been referred to us by social workers, educational psychologists and therapists in various disciplines. The children suffer from a range of conditions, including attention deficiency, hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, problems of self-image etc. The effectiveness of riding therapy in treating such conditions is clear and unequivocal.

We also have significant experience of working with youth at risk. We work with social services in Jerusalem, Efrat, Gush Etzion and the Binyamin region, as well as with various NGOs which are active in the field.

As for physical disabilities, we work with children who have cerebral palsy, motor problems, back problems, developmental disorders, as well as people recovering from car accidents and strokes.

We have signed a cooperation agreement with Etgarim, an NGO which runs challenging sports activities (sailing, windsurfing, rappelling, cycling etc.) for people with disabilities. This agreement facilitates the development at the stable of integrated challenge activities for appropriate groups.

We also have an arrangement with the Maccabi and Clalit HMOs, both of which contribute a large part of the cost of treatment.

Please contact us for more information.

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